Sunday, 19 December 2010

Google Nexus S - Why Google is being a fish in the pond than dominating the mobile industry ?

Couple of weeks back, Google announced its second phone, Nexus S with Samsung. Google shocked the world by launching Nexus one last year by jumping into Mobile industry and this time, after one year and numerous rumours/speculations, everyone was thinking that an extra-ordinary device is in making @ Googleplex.
And when Google announced the device, it disappointed all those people. The reason ? It was obvious, Google launched their second phone much similar to their first one, hardly any changes, same processor(1GHz), same power and everything, in-fact few -ve points. It has no expandable storage and look wise it seems cheap plastic, In all it was shear disappointment!
What is bad is the way Google advertises this phone - 'Be the first one to get the latest OS updates'. So ??? What's the big deal ? It's not like other phones won't get s/w update, it'll just be couple of months after the Nexus S gets it. Let's consider Apple in this respect - When apple launches the new s/w, its just the matter of plugging the phone into your laptop/computer and job done, it doesn't tell you whether its iPhone 2G, 3G or 4 and when you can consume the update. Anyway, leave this part aside and lets look at what's the latest offering in the market hardware wise - a dual core processor, Bluetooth 3.0, HD Media recording/viewing etc. And Google has none of these things in their new phone. The other manufacturers on the other hands like Samsung, LG has considered these new offerings, in-fact LG has just announced a dual-core phone with HDMI output which is atleast twice as fast as Google's Nexus S.
What Google is trying to sell in other words is - a pentium 3 processor offering Windows 7 as against a Windows XP/Vista with a quad-core xeon processor. And I am sure that many of us will go for better and more powerful hardware with a little delay in software update than the latest software and year old hardware!!!

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