Thursday, 16 December 2010

Migrants are the real problem in Mumbai, Delhi....Really???

As we all know these days there are lot of statements being made about migration to metro cities of India. Especially Sena is the forerunner winging about the problem of migration in Mumbai. Recently our honourable home minister Mr P Chidambaram has also joined the hands raising the voice against the migrants in Delhi.

They both are claiming to have resident permit before entering Delhi and Mumbai. Wow...hold on guys before incorporating any such Tughluk act and enforcing it as a law, let me clear out some facts here --

1. India is democratic Republic country and people of this country has a right to travel across the length and breadth of the nation and move and settle anywhere they want, they need not have to have permission for doing so whatsoever. This is not illegal at all.

2. I totally understand the problem of the big cities, they are choking up with rise in population, crunch in living space, fight for the basic needs etc etc etc, but the cause of the problem is not just the migrants living in the cities but it is each and individual person who has been living in the city and using the city resources to support themselves it includes all laymen, political bureaus, municipal workers and so called high net worth individuals.

3. Rather than blaming on each other as always, for a change try to dig into the root cause of this situation, why only big cities are having this problem, why people want to leave their town or village and move to the big cities? one simple reason for this is opportunity. Opportunity to grow, sustain and thrive is only made available in metro cities. People know they will definitely get some sort of job and earn their livelihood and support their family.

So dear politicians please at least now pull up your socks or some of you may tie up your lungis ( better late than never) and work on improving the economical and living conditions of the small towns and villages, create more jobs for the people living in there, work on agricultural prosperity of the farmers in villages, and the situation will improve on its own.

I know this is an old wine may be in an old bottle as well, and it has never and may not ever get into the thick skinned politicians, they would go on doing what they are interested in doing but the only thing that worries me is why common people like us have to suffer ? a big question mark that just remains at the end of all discussions involving politics !!!

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