Monday, 27 December 2010

Farah Khan Compelling Audience to Pay more than TMK's Ticket

Hope none of you would come up with a "WHY" for the title above, for the obvious reason that after watching Tees Maar Khan viewers would have to buy extra Headache pills.

After trying so hard to erase this horrendous movie(if you call it!) out of my mind, I am in no mood to discuss the story all over again. Because, all I have got for this disaster is ANGER ! And why not, after seeing Super Big Promotions and Promises by the Masala Queen(Farah Khan) herself, if audience gets hollow script, repetitive dialogues and age-old jokes on the name of Masala Movie what response one should expect?  I would refrain from commenting on Akki’s and Kat’s performance as they tried their best to present what they didn’t get in the entire movie- a Story & Good Dialogues ! Sadly, half of the movie dialogues were taken by the irritating punch line “Khanon me Khan- Tees Maar Khan” ! For those who have seen this movie know, how Akshay Kumar aka TMK directs a movie with no story; personally I felt that Farah Khan did the same while directing TMK. Is this just because she thought that irrespective of what she come up with, they would take advantage of festive season and drag masses to the Banner Name ? Or she was in illusion that for the entire movie people would drool over “Sheila Ki Jawani” !

Many people might find the reaction in this post bit extreme because ideally not every movie can be a Hit. But I wish that it was just about this movie! Hope you haven’t forgotten that it’s the same Farah Khan who along with her brother the Great Sajid Khan(Director of “Hey Baby”) love to mock other directors for their work in almost every Award function and who have upset countless people with their harsh remarks. So, do they have the face to show in any Award function now? I guess not, at least not in front of Ashutosh Gowarikar(Smirk).

I am a die-hard fan of bollywood movies and I have no shame in accepting it, but the most annoying part of this industry is the favouritism towards big banners. I have no faith left in famous movie critics anymore, because none of them have guts to stand up and give a fair review about movies of big banners like Yash raj, Dharma(KJo) and many more.. Nevertheless, I can speak my mind out here and for me TMK gets one star that too just and just for NoNo NoNo No Sheila..Sheila ki Jawani(Wink)


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