Monday, 13 December 2010

Kareena instigated a new Controversy in KWK 3

While the recent Kareena- Priyanka controversies are still trying to die in peace, Bebo instigated a new one at the latest Karan Johar's talk show - Koffee with Karan 3. First Kareena agrees to be the no.1 actress in the industry, later she ranked Priyanka no 2.  Bebo(Kareena) is going all gaga for her latest 100 crs turnover movies 3 Idiots and GolmaaL 3. Folks don't understand that why doesn't she leave it to the audience to decide who's the best! Because as far as viewers are concerned, everybody knows that there was nothing potential for her to do in 3 -idiots. And for Golmaal 3, most of the credit is taken by Ajay Devgan and Tushar Kapoor. Has Big B, the reigning King of bollywood ever claimed to be the no. 1 ? Or does that apply to Kareena as well that," Not everybody can carry success with dignity ?"

The story doesn't come to an end here, in the rapid fire round Kareena dared to ask Priyanka "From where has she got her accent ?" Looks like Bebo feels Priyanka has got a fake accent. However that raises questions for her boyfriend Saif's accent too. Guess, Priyanka would be the best person to answer Bebo's question. What we can do is to wait for the next episode of KWK starring Priyanka and Shahid and expect a better reply from PC, which might shut Kareena's big mouth. Not forever but may be for a while..

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