Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Go Shopping on Web

So are you among those people who wish to look different and want to minimize chances of spotting another person wearing the same outfit as you are? Well I am !  And this is why, I prefer browsing sites to get the uniqueness I pay for. Besides, one can always grab some fantastic deals straight from his/her couch, rather than going from shop to shop? After all, window shopping on web is not a bad idea.
Unlike others, I have no guilt in confessing the Shopoholic side of me. But yes now somehow I have discovered a way of winning this grey area of mine by shopping online. As, it's difficult to resist a gorgeous dress on Zara's or FCUK's shopping window but it's easier when you are browsing on a website.
Some people might reject the idea of online shopping for the sake of clothes quality and texture, but with the introduction of new online shopping features like free returns and collection policy, it's way easier to get a dream deal. The best part about most of these stores is, if you don't like the product for whatever reasons, you have all rights to return it within 30 days time and  they will refund your money without any questioning.
Here I list my Top 5 online personal favourites for clothing and accessories:
  • Asos : Very trendy and stylish collection for both Men and Women. Besides Asos products, this online store sell products from various major designer brands. In contrast with other shopping stores, one thing I personally love about Asos is Free delivery they offer on all it's products. For the kind of design and quality of clothes asos, it's obviously little expensive. So you need to keep an eye on the latest deals available, which can get you a designer overcoat worth  £100 in just  £20. Isn't that a dream ! I would suggest buyers to visit the “Clearance” section most often, in order to snatch extra-ordinary deals.
  • Boohoo : Amazing collection of dresses and accessories on cheap prices. I would recommend buyers to visit  £8  dresses section. You can catch some great deals here. The only negative I can think of is, the delivery charges they levy + it's Women store only.
  • Addition Direct : An all rounder shopping store that showcase products right from Clothing to Home furniture. Worthy to keep an eye on latest offers as I find it little expensive when it comes to clothing but I assure that you will find a great variety on kitchen products.
  • Very and Laredoute : Two other online stores that specializes in different areas.For both Men and Women, the collection is versatile and I would recommend Very for party dresses. Again only negative is the delivery charges they levy even on standard deliveries.
 The sites mentioned above are the ones I have dealt with so far (for clothing), but you can always try official websites of some major brands like Debenhams,Dorothy Perkins,Top shop,Mango and so on. The only word of caution for new users is to check the size guide before ordering items, as a size 8 in asos would be slightly bigger than the one in boohoo.

One can't get a diamond at the cost of bronze, so always remember in terms of quality you would only get what you have paid for. Don't hesitate to put your comments on this post or let me know if you want a detailed review on something. For folks who would like to do some value addition–  “You are most welcome”. Cheers.

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